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In this article, we will look at some of the best whittling knives on the market. Find out what the most popular and simplistic wood carving designs are for beginners. I love using razor-sharp knives on basswood too because I think that it’s one of the best wood for carving. There are several vendors who sell whittling knives both offline and online.

  • Whittling wood can be a relaxing and rewarding way to while away an hour or so.
  • With a blade length a little over 4” and a well shaped handle at about 4 1/2”, this knife offers unbeatable comfort and control, with a tough and hard blade.
  • Then there’s a long, rounded blade that’s used for hollowing out the wood.
  • It looks great, and it’s super comfortable to hold, even for long periods.
  • Begin your rough cut by taking away large parts of your wood, which you will not need, achieving a size that is near to the required size of your desired design.

It is important to feel comfortable with the knife you choose and the only way to know this is trying several different ones. Gouges are another wood carving tool used but are much different from knives. Gouges are more like chisels and are made in a variety of shapes like a “V” or a “U” in various sizes. They are made to gouge wood material rather than slicing it away. There are a few different types of wood carving knives commonly used by whittlers.

Beginner Palm And Knife Set

However, you will have to get a second knife if you want a different blade shape or length. A new whittling knife is always an exciting addition for new and experienced craftsmen alike. You get to try out the cut of a new blade and the grip of the handle. Ideally, the best whittling knife will sit comfortably in your hand and have a curve to the blade to enhance your whittling ability. The satisfying craft of whittling is making a comeback and these Scandinavian-style projects will inspire both novices and experts with their beauty and simplicity.

whittling knives

The first thing you’re going to look at when shopping for a new whittling knife is the blade. The blade is the most relevant feature of your knife and will determine what kinds of cuts you can make and how long the knife will last. The quality is shocking for a knife of this price range and the AUS 8A stainless steel used in the blade holds an edge surprisingly well. This incredibly simple knife offers some of the most affordable utility for those who may not need a versatile pocket carver.

The Cuts

In general, fixed blades are better for small, detailed designs. These knives have large wooden handles that are comfortable to grip and easy to use for a long time. On the other hand, folding blades are convenient and portable. Some specialty whittling knives come in unique shapes, such as a hook blade. These blade shapes make great additions to your crafting kit but should not be used as your primary whittling knife. Small knife blades come in a variety of shapes for different purposes.

For more versatile products like this, check out our reviews of the best utility knives. Much like the Morokniv carving knife above, this is one of the best hook knives available to spoon and bowl carvers. The Swedish 12C27 stainless steel is hard and durable which maintains a sharp edge better than you might expect out of stainless. It has a single-edged blade suitable for pull cuts using one hand and push cuts using the other.

There are many types of steel available compared to in the past but there are still two major categories and that is carbon steel and stainless. It may take trying out a few top whittling knives before you find the one that really feels right to you. I encourage you to try a few if you are new to the world of whittling and pocket knives. If you have buddies that whittle you may be able to spend a few minutes with one of their knives to get a feel for it. Carving Wood has never been easier with our wood carving set. 3-piece Roughing Whittling and Chip Wood Carving Knife Set includes chip carving knife with round neck, straight edge, long skew edge and double-sided curved edge.

Best of all, it’s relatively inexpensive—all you need is a piece of wood and the right whittling knife. Overall a knife with excellent quality for anyone looking for an everyday pocket whittler to carry around. This knife will allow you to slice, dig, and scoop wood all in one convenient package. Lastly, while the edges aren’t terrible you may want to improve them a bit but I think this is common with any knife. Finally, Flexcraft is made in America and are usually excellent to their customers.

This keeps them safe from impact damage to the blade and makes the entire knife more compact and portable. The General Sloyd Knife is identified as the general knife for wood carving. It is the best whittling knife often purchased by both amateurs and professional wood carvers, because of its user-friendly body and highly efficient performance. This wood carving knife is constructed to help in whittling, woodworking, wood carving and the roughing of wood.

whittling knives

When carving you may find yourself gripping a whittling knife for hours which can become quite uncomfortable if it does not fit and feel just right. Find a handle grip that feels most comfortable to ensure you minimize any fatigue. If you want a fun https://www.bestwoodcarvingtools.com/top-10-best-whittling-knives/ winter project with kids, you might consider getting a whittling kit or two. These are great ways to teach skills including how to handle a knife or anything sharp. Here are a few kits to consider as well as some wood blocks that you can just order.

Knives that are designed specifically for whittling tend to be non-folding knives, so are a little less convenient for on the go wood carving. However, their fixed blade makes them more sturdy and their handles sit much more comfortably in the hand than pocket knives. That said, there are also some really excellent folding knives that are ideal for whittling, and some pocket knives that are specifically designed as whittling knives. Some whittling knives have one or more blades that can fold into the handle when not in use.

These knives are specially designed for spoon carving and excel at hollowing out wood to make bowls, spoons, and others designs requiring deep concave designs like cups. If you want to make these types of wood carvings you will really achieve the best results https://www.bestwoodcarvingtools.com with a hook knife to make the smooth hollowed out edges. Note that hook knives are made in left and right-handed versions. When searching for a whittling knife there aren’t many things to consider which is good since it can make your search a bit easier.

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