Two Dead After Speeding Car Collides With House

A high speed crash left two dead this week in Alexandria. According to police reports, 28-year-old Antonio Badie was driving at a reckless 90 miles per hour when he lost control of his car and hit a curb. The Honda sailed across a lawn and through a fence and eventually landed in a nearby home’s dining room.
Witnesses described the horrific accident later to police. “The car involved in the accident was coming down the hill and it seems he was speeding, going about 90 miles per hour,” Yesenia Henriquez recounted. “As he was coming down the hill, he lost control of the car and started rolling down the hill and he went into one of the houses’ backyard, knocked over the fire hydrant and ended up in the neighbor’s house through the kitchen window.”
When emergency workers arrived on the scene, the driver was sent to the hospital where he later died. His passenger was already deceased by the time police arrived. Investigators say the Honda had been reported as stolen two weeks ago.
Thankfully, no one was home when the car came barreling through the window. The homeowners were at church when the accident occurred. Strangely, neighbors report that this is the third incident when a car has hit the home over the past year. Police are continuing an investigation into the accident. Preliminary reports revealed that investigators found marijuana and a gun inside the vehicle, but authorities are awaiting an autopsy and toxicology reports to determine whether the driver was impaired at the time of the accident.
The road where the accident occurred is always busy with 9400 cars traveling that route daily according to the Virginia Department of Transportation. There have been four crashes reported on the road over the past five years.
Sadly, 57 percent of car accident deaths occur in single vehicle crashes. Hawaii and Montana have the highest proportion of deaths with 69 percent related to single vehicle accidents.
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