How To Make An Easy infant sun hat Baby Bib From A Towel

7) Top stitch around the whole bib, approx. 4) Then lay your backing fabric so the right side down, so it’s facing the right side of the main and pocket piece and pin together. Welcome to the Sewing for Baby series I’m holding this week where I’m sharing with you some of my favourite baby projects, patterns and tutorials. Topstitch around the edge of the bib, sewing 1/4 inch from the edge. Cut out the pattern and place it on top of your fabric for the front of your bib. Remember to place your pattern with the flat side on the fold because this is just half of the pattern.

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  • I’ll have to rifle through the closet looking for some shirts that will make great baby gifts.
  • I was visiting my sister before Christmas and during breakfast, my niece had on a super cute bib with a fun printed front.
  • If ensuring they eat a well-balanced meal isn’t enough, you also have to make sure fruit and yogurt don’t spill all over your kitchen floor.
  • The back fastens with Velcro and each one has a super-sweet embroidery pattern on it.
  • Stitch it in place with a ¼” seam allowance. Flip the piece right side up, press in place, and add stitching lines using the same method you used for the 1st scrap.

Referring to the paper pattern fold the bottom up, gently pin on the infant sun hat outside. You should now have a pocket and only vinyl on the front of the bib. If you are make a single sided terry cloth bib pin and cut 1. There are multiple ways to make this pattern. You can make a bib with a pocket, you can make a bib without. You can make a button hole, elastic or Velcro closure on the strap.

Pattern: Blessing Day Bonnet

Join A with ss to top left corner of neck edge. Apply Velcro to bib with fabric adhesive or sewing needle and thread. Start sewing where the opening is, and sew all the way around the bib. This step will seal off the opening you left, so make sure everything is just how to want it to look.

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The excitement of giving birth and raising a son or daughter is beyond compare. Shower your new baby with love, and spoil them with a custom bib from Spreadshirt. Have some fun and create a cute, funny or special message for your new bouncing baby boy or girl.

Slip stitch into the first single crochet on the border to join. If you add the velcro before you turn it, wouldn’t it be on the inside? I’ve made other bibs and had to add the velcro last. Next we are going to top stitch all the way around the bib.

Animal Friends Bibs

Free Baby Bib Pattern now available in Four Sizes! Learn how to sew a quick and easy baby bib. Get the free printable pattern template. Hi, It’s Kim from the sewing blog Sweet Red Poppy and I’m so excited to share this super easy to make Fringed Baby Bib pattern with you today. My baby girl just turned 9 months and was in desperate need of some baby bibs.

You can also watch the video tutorialMaureen Wilsoncreated at the bottom of this page. This DIY baby bib could not be easier with this full tutorial. Totally free baby bib patterns for you to print and sew your own pocket bib for your baby or toddler. Our bibs are backed with soft fleece and covered with 100% cotton to provide maximum absorbency — and cuteness! Strong, soft and absorbent, they come in two-packs and four-packs for trend-setting fashion and premium function at a great value.

Baby Bib

Start the first step of the embroidery design and make a placement stitch on the stabilizer. At we offer a variety of baby bib styles to suit your needs. Always read the instructions carefully before washing. Some can be machine washed but only with like-colored clothes. Silicone ones can be put in a dishwasher.

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