Exactement Comment Tumblr Ups Le Jeu Personnel: Plus de 321 millions de microblogs présentent Votre Personnalité & Encourager En ligne Connexion

Le court Version: En 2007, un tout nouveau blog en ligne système généralement Tumblr frapper le internet, donner hommes et femmes un moyen simple de blog concernant leur passion, ils souhaité à site Web à propos de tout cela. De texte à photographies à vidéo à son, ces individus expressifs racontés leur contes de bien des manières, et très rapidement ils ont commencé gagner leur suivant et localiser supplémentaire enthousiaste écrivains. Ainsi, une autre façon de brancher en ligne est venu dans ce monde. Maintenant, Tumblr fournit plus de 550 millions mensuel people sur ci-dessus 321 millions de microblogs discutant, vérifiant et se rassemblant collectivement comme rien de toi ‘ ve vu avant.


C’était 2007, et Social media était en la petite enfance. Myspace fini par être le plus grand site de son type, avec Facebook rapidement gagner traction. Mais ni program n’était en fait très flexible dans comment contenu pourrait être fourni. Les citoyens étaient progressivement vouloir différentes façons de partager leur point de vue et se rapporter uniquement à gens qui avaient été similaires.

Ce qui est chaque fois Tumblr inséré la scène – pas seulement comme un réseau social site web mais en tant que microblogging plate-forme qui permet clients publier tous types de média (e .g. , texte, images, film et son).

Presque années plus tard, plus de 550 millions de Tumblr blogueurs emploient ces stratégies mensuel â € ”publication choses qui comptent beaucoup de dans leur esprit plus connexion avec leur et autres blogueurs ils peuvent être fans de.

Expressive Visitors bond dans une communauté axée sur le contenu

“come for just what vous adorez. Stay pour quoi vous découvrez “est le slogan de Tumblr, et c’est un rassemblement necessitate les cherchent à couper le bruit afin de trouver les forts, expressifs dont ils ont vraiment besoin ou vouloir entendre. Avec plus de 321 millions de microblogs sur le system, tout le monde peut se rapporter véritablement à d’autres personnes qui like équivalent situations ils font.

Quand un autre individu crée un Tumblr blog – une procédure qui prendra juste quelques moments – un seul clic peut les guider ceux-ci vers les zones qui serait d’un grand intérêt. Cela crée un air de percée qui helps to keep Tumblr new and brand-new.

Tumblr has established a wide-open globe for innovative individuals who wish share their particular feelings through nearly every on the web method in the digital area. From films to mp3s, Tumblr provides customers the correct methods to build their particular stories, produce communities, communicate their particular photographs and artwork, and usually make their vocals heard.

Everything posted on Tumblr is appreciated, reblogged, and accustomed spark discussion. In this, anyone can be a portion of the larger story. That is how people satisfy and foster kinships on Tumblr — through small, yet vital, relationships that produce the city fantastic.

7 forms of Posts encourage Creativity, Laughter & Shared Interests

Tumblr is different because they provide a little for all. Available to any individual across the world, the website motivates individual phrase and link between users. The openness of Tumblr suggests everyone can be themselves and locate commonalities with others that carrying out exactly the same.

The outcome? Those shopping for everything from inspiration to sympathy to advice to fun are able to find it. Here’s exactly how:

1. Text: A Manifesto your Love

The mainstay of running a blog over the Web is actually lively and really on Tumblr, where people can reveal their emotions in terms. So there are plenty of additional options if words simply don’t serve.

2. Photo: graphics to Capture Your Imagination.

They state a picture will probably be worth 1000 words, and Tumblr blog writers grab that to center. Photographs attract countless attention, and revealing passions through distinctive photography or artwork hasn’t ever been easier.

3. Quote: Feelings placed into Words

The quotation function on Tumblr makes it obvious the text are not your, however they relocated both you and you desired to generally share these to the main benefit of other people. Quotes can convey that which you always wanted to state but did not very learn how to term it.

4. Hyperlink: Referencing Stories & Advice

Need an inspirational tale during trouble? You might get it. Wish to supply rock-solid guidance as someone who’s been through some scenario? You can easily post it. Should discuss an account that enhance a person’s day? Link it and let the world read it, too.

5. Talk: witty Snippets of Banter

Bloggers on Tumblr can preserve their interesting chats on microblogs to check right back on fond memories. And people tend to be introducing eavesdrop on others who tend to be talking it up, that is usually enjoyable.

6. Sound: A Soundtrack for Romance

When terms you should not suffice and pictures you shouldn’t say enough, songs can communicate what truly matters most. Make your very own soundtrack to suit your life, deliver suitable music off to the right individual, and let other individuals discover how you’re feeling with something from wonderful oldies to classical to anything in a genre therefore wild it doesn’t even have a reputation however.

7. Video: Clips to Melt Your Heart

From gorgeous proposals to 50th-anniversary festivities, movies can be shared to set the tone for the day. Extract videos from online or upload your own personal to produce your own story a lot more private for your a large number of readers exactly who could arrived at your site every single day.

Much more personal, more pleasurable: Simple Integration With personal Networks

In addition to discussing any such thing on Tumblr, users can integrate their own social media sites to improve more private phrase. Rather than compartmentalize components of their particular life on the basis of the various social media marketing platforms, people can provide a well-rounded look at by themselves to whoever cares to pay for attention.

Customers can add on tweets and continue myspace discussions on the Tumblr blogs to include a wider assortment of content material. Such as Instagram photos also can present the message to a wider audience. Place it altogether and outcome is a compelling evaluate who you are.

Follow Trends, participate in topic & satisfy new-people on Tumblr

Tumblr gives you aren’t something to state a location to say it, in as much techniques as it can, and permits on-line contacts growing naturally. So whether you want to discuss stories regarding the activities as a unique mother, your own fixation with Taylor Swift, your preferred really love estimates, or whatever else you care about, Tumblr features an electronic podium and a welcoming society for you.

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