Asexual-sexual morph link in kind types of Berkleasmium

Asexual-sexual morph link in kind types of Berkleasmium


Berkleasmium try a polyphyletic genus comprising 37 dematiaceous hyphomycetous varieties. In this study, independent collections associated with the means kinds, B. concinnum, were created from Eastern America. Nuclear inner transcribed spacer rDNA (ITS) and limited nuc 28S huge subunit rDNA (LSU) sequences obtained from selections and consequent countries revealed that Berkleasmium concinnum could be the asexual morph of Neoacanthostigma septoconstrictum (Tubeufiaceae, Tubeufiales). Phylogenies inferred from Bayesian inference and optimum likelihood analyses of ITS-LSU series information verified this asexual-sexual morph hookup and a re-examination of fungarium guide specimens additionally uncovered the co-occurrence of N. septoconstrictum ascomata and B. concinnum sporodochia. Neoacanthostigma septoconstrictum is thus synonymized under B. concinnum on such basis as consideration. A specimen defined as N. septoconstrictum from Thailand was described as N. thailandicum sp. nov., predicated on morphological and hereditary distinctiveness.


Naturalist Thomas Gibson Lea botanized extensively in Ohio until their death in 1844, and after that his fungal specimens are taken to their correspondent Miles J. Berkeley (Lea 1849). Berkeley (1845) described Sporidesmium concinnum (“A really pretty item beneath the microscope”) from Lea’s sample developing on lifeless material from a rotten forest trunk area (variety unidentified) in Ohio. Zobel (in Corda 1854) later explained new genus Berkleasmium to accommodate S. Continue reading “Asexual-sexual morph link in kind types of Berkleasmium”

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