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Posts made in August, 2016

Memorial Weekend Fraught with Violence in Myrtle Beach

By on Aug 6, 2016 in Atlantic Beach Bikefest |

The Myrtle Beach Police Department was busy this Memorial Day Weekend. Not only did they have to handle the hordes of visitors who came to the city for the Atlantic Beach Bikefest Rally, they also had to investigate the 8 shooting incidents that took place during a 48 hour time span. According to Myrtle Beach Chief Police Warren Gall, this Memorial Weekend...

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Medical Staff on Cruise Ships Could Now Face Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

By on Aug 6, 2016 in medical mistake |

The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals made a ruling that now makes it possible for cruise line medical staff to be named as defendants in medical malpractice suits. The death of retired New York City policeman, Pasquale Vaglio, was the catalyst that brought this particular issue to the civil court system. Vaglio was 82 years old when he decided to take a cruise and...

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